Saving bones in the freezer
Kitchen Carbon

Picking Bones

Bones from your table are a waste stream that can be respected. Save your bones, and your pets and your soil will benefit! I read an amazing article recently about the element phosphorous, which is one of the big three nutrients plants need from the soil. Phosphorous has historically been a limiting factor for all terrestrial plants, and was a…

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Loading compost at Soilutions
Carbon Capture

Carbon Imports

If you could listen to your soil and it could talk, you would hear it asking for carbon. The very element that is accumulating in our atmosphere and threatening to disrupt the fabric of life on Earth is in great demand below our feet. Soil organic matter is to the microbial life of your soil as grass is to cows.…

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Removed mulch before sampling soil
Science hacks

Soil Testing for Science Hacks – Part 1

Have I mentioned that I post on Instagram (and Facebook) as Sandra Mack the Science Hack? It’s a funny name my nephew Julian gave me one summer at the lake cabin, as we tried to solve the science mystery of the disappearance of frogs on the property since my childhood. Well, this post feels like a Sandra Mack the Science…

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